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Google Maps Introduces Speedometer and Speed Limits for iOS and CarPlay

Google Maps has finally introduced speedometer readings and speed limits for iOS users, including functionality through CarPlay. This long-awaited feature arrives five years after being made available on Android, a delay that has puzzled many.

The rollout is gradual and may take a few weeks to reach all users. So if you don’t see the new features right away, don’t worry—they’re on the way.

The speedometer displays your speed in either km/h or mph, depending on your location. To activate it, go to Settings > Navigation > Driving options. The speed limit feature will dynamically adjust the speedometer’s color to remind you to stay within the designated speed limit for your current road.

Google emphasizes that the speedometer in Maps is intended “for informational use only,” advising drivers to rely on their vehicle’s speedometer for accurate speed readings.

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